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Brief description

Following the entry into force of EU Regulation 842-2006, refrigeration system operators are responsible for recording and maintaining data on refrigerant movements.

MobiLec is a system for recording refrigerant movements and services on refrigeration systems and thus enables the operator to keep a complete and legally compliant record of refrigerant movements. The system is composed of smartphone and web applications.

A refrigeration system must be made known to the system and identified by a one-to-one placard on site. This is usually done via one of the smartphone apps MobiLec or the smartphone-optimised website MobiLec-Mini. All relevant data relating to the system are queried and entered during this process and sent to the MobiLec server via SMS or Internet after completion. Now the system is registered and refrigerant movements and services can be entered immediately.

The MobiLec portal in turn enables a clear view and evaluation of the data entered in the MobiLec system. Users, actions, installations and objects can be created and edited here.

In addition, the system ensures the required data backup over the prescribed period.


If you have any questions about the operation of any of the MobiLec system products, please use the Support form.

If you have any questions about the distribution or safety of the MobiLec system, please use the Support email Address.