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Tasks are a collection of input fields in the MobiLec system. For this, each field must define a special data type. Possible data types are, for example, a date, an integer or a free text. The order of the fields is freely selectable and serves the visual representation. Each Task has a Task Type that defines the original purpose and template for the process.

Different groups of people can be involved in a Task for different reasons. Therefore, for each field within a Task, the user groups can be allowed read and write access. Depending on the user group, these fields are then displayed to a user for viewing only or enabled for editing.

Tasks can be linked to other entries, thus providing an overview of an entry with the associated Tasks.

As soon as someone changes the content of a field, this person is registered in the system with the time of the last change. Other persons will see this change information in the corresponding fields.

Integration in MobiLec workflows

Tasks can be created for a variety of reasons, be it through a manual Task, an entry of an action or by modifying a refrigeration system. These changes are adopted in the MobiLec system by the internal workflows. Depending on the change to the data concerned, integration is possible for the automatic creation or modification of Tasks.

Conversely, the workflows can also perform defined actions in the MobiLec system when saving Tasks.



If an action is entered in MobiLec by a refrigeration company, the operator must be invoiced for this effort on the part of the refrigeration company.

  • Registration of an action by the refrigeration company
  • A Task of the type "Invoicing" is created
  • The Task is linked to the Action and thus to the refrigeration system
  • The Task has the fields
    • "Invoice total" for refrigeration company writable and operator read-only
    • "Accepted by operator" for refrigeration company and operator only readable
  • When saving the "Invoice total" field, the operator is informed
  • The field "Accepted by operator" becomes writable for the operator
  • When saving the field "Accepted by operator", the refrigeration company is informed
  • The field "Invoice total" is only readable for the refrigeration company.